Qingdao Double Paper is a leading manufacturer and distributor of pulp, copy and printing papers in the world.

Paper factory

Qingdao Double Paper’s global presence is another of its competitive advantages. From China, the company began to expand its international reach acquiring customers in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand, entered Australia and the Middle East , and ventured into Europe, Africa, South Asia and North America . Qingdao Double Paper continues to explore new geographic regions in pursuit of its goal of becoming the dominant player in markets that are strategic to the brand.
Today, Qingdao Double Paper’s supplies in more than 120 countries on six continents and is a testament to a truly global brand with a premium product of unmatched quality and brand awareness in its key markets around the world.
High Brand Recognition, 
Premium quality, reliability, value for money, and wide availability – these are the internationally recognized characteristics that have made over time.

Our Vision

Qingdao Double Paper’s vision is to deliver premium quality copy and office paper to consumers around the world that is produced from a sustainable source of high-fiber raw material, and a renewable energy source to the country from the waste of the pulping process.
Central to that vision are the principles of sustainable development and a commitment to faithfully practice internationally recognized standards and spearhead environmental and social campaigns that are relevant to the development of our communities. At Qingdao Double Paper, we believe that long-term sustainability requires our unwavering attention to the three pillars of environmental, social and economic responsibility.

Our Strategy

  • Initiate the high technology and knowledge to the use of internal process and to service the customers.
  • Apply e-Learning to practice the Company’s human resources.
  • Apply the Relation Management to the customers and suppliers.
  • Customer is the learning center for the Company’s sustainable development.
  • Launch the modern technology to increase the potential of procurement system to the customers such as e-procurement and e-Community Commerce.
  • Participate in social development and environment protection.